Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29 2009

Wow it snowed so hard here in Ohio that we are snowed in. I think when we are able to get out that I might take Adam and the other two kids sledding. Since it's Adam's first snow that he saw.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 25 2009

Well I hope everyone had a nice christmas. I know for sure that Adam and the kids really had a nice christmas. They got more toys than I can count. lol

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 21 2009

Adam went to the cardiologist today. The doctor said that he looked really well. He is doing so good that the doctor said he will have his open heart surgery (Glenn shunt) in May or June of 2010. The doctor does not want to see him again until March.

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11 2009

We got a call from the cardiologst to see Adam on December 21st 2009 to figure out when his next surgery will be. He is having the glenn shunt.

May 13 2009

Adam had this weird thing going on with his eye it was moving really fast back and forward. So I called the pediatrician and he told me to bring him straight in that it might be a seizure. So I took him straight there and thankfully that it was not. He told me to make Adam a eye doctor appointment. So I did and the doctor said he had nystagmus and that he is real near sighted. Though he does not think that it was from his heart condition or the surgery. Thank goodness for that!

April 10 2009

Adam finally came off of the ventilator. He still had RSV that's why he did not come off after 2 days.

April 2 2009

Adam had his surgery today they put a band around his pulmonary artery. He came out of surgery good. The surgeon said that when they put him to sleep and went to put the IV in his neck he woke up and picked his neck up and was just looking around. So they got pretty scared and had to give him more meds to make him go to sleep.

March 18 2009

Well Adam did not have his surgery today. He got sick 5 days before surgery he had RSV. We took him to the local emergency room and they put him on oxygen which he is not supposed to be on. Because he is a mixer what that means his blue blood mixes with his red blood. When they tested him for staph infection before his surgery they found out that he got it from the local emergency room that I took him to.

March 11 2009

Adam was healthy up until now. He started to swell up and was having a hard time breathing. So I took him to the pediatrician and the nurse practitioner looked at him and listened to his heart and lungs and said there is nothing wrong with him. I did not believe this so I called his cardiologist and told him what was going on. The cardiologist which his name is Dr. Qureshia told me to bring Adam to him so he can look at him. Well when we got there one look and he said to take him to the Cleveland Clinic. He did not listen to him he said that Adam was in congestive heart failure. So he had to get lasix to get the swelling down. When that happened Dr. Qureshia said he needed to do a heart cath on Adam. So they did the heart cath and he had to much blood going into his lungs and that his ASD was closing up so they had to open that up. We spent the next week in the hospital. They scheduled his surgery 1 week later.

November 18 2008

We finally got to the clinic because no one could ride with him because they had the pilot 3 nurses and a doctor. But when we got there we could not even get into the room with him do to so many doctors, residents, nurses. They asked if we knew any thing or did they tell us anything about him we said no. So they said that they would do there own test and let us know what's wrong. They did the tests that night and said that he has tricuspid atersia (meaning that his left side of his heart is small) and that he only has 3 chambers instead of 4, he also has tga (transposition of the great arteries), VSD (ventricular septal defect), ASD (atrial septal defect). That he would have to have 3 stages of surgery. But since he is doing so good they will hold off on the first surgery until he is 4-6 months old.

November 18 2008

I took Adam to the ehocardiagram this morning and before we got there I started to cry because something told me this was more serious than they were saying. Well the technian started the echo and she left the room she went to get another technian. They proceeded to look at the echo and do the echo while the whole time she had a scared look on her face. I asked her if everything was alright and all she could say was ummmm...ummm.ummm I have to call the pediatrican right away. So she left to call the pediatrican and came back and said that he wanted to talk to me. So I went to talk to him and he said there is something wrong with your babies heart do not leave the hospital go straight to the er and we are going to ship him out to the Cleveland Clinic. Well we waited for 4 more hours in the ER because they did not know what to do. Finally they called lifeflight to come get him. So 20 minutes later lifeflight landed and came got him. I was so scared.

November 11 2008

Adam had his one week check up and he was still breathing fast and sometimes turning blue. I mentioned this to his pediatrician and he checked him out and then listened to his heart and told me that he had a heart murmur. That not to worry that sometimes babies has this and he was not worrying about it. But something told me to worry! So he schedule a ecocardiagram for 1 week later at the hospital.

November 04 2008

Well I had my son Adam at 11:00 pm. It was a smooth dilivery but he did not cry for at least 2 minutes. I kept asking is he okay because I could not see him they were working on him to get him to breath. Finally they said yes he is okay then he started to cry I felt so good to know he was okay. Later that night he got to sleep in my room I noticed he was breathing fast and turning blue. So I called the nurse and she said it was normal. Which I knew it was not because I have two kids already and they did not do any of that. So they let him come home 24 hours later. He was still breathing fast and turning blue sometimes.

5 months pregnant

I went for my sonogram and the technician saw something wrong with my baby's heart. She told me to go use the restroom and told the OB that she saw something wrong the baby did not have a Fourth chamber and the left side of his heart was real small. So the OB told me to let the radiologist read the report and if he says there is something wrong than I would have to go to Metro and get an better look. Well I was so scared and I prayed and prayed that nothing is wrong with my baby boy. I went to the doctor's the next month and he said that the baby's heart was good and nothing was wrong so i was so happy.