Friday, February 18, 2011

Answers Needed Please

Adam is very healthy. He went to the cardiologist appointment they do not want to see him again for 6 months and they took him off of all his meds. I have noticed when he runs and plays he is out of breath has this happened to anyone else. If so what can I do to prevent him from getting out of breath?


  1. Sam does this too. If he is pre-fontan, I am assuming his oxygen saturation is below 90%. This is why he gets out of breath. There is nothing you can do to avoid it. I'm sure his doctors expect it, they just didn't make it clear to you. We have been told this will happen to our son too. And recently it has. But it doesn't stop him, and we try not to stop him!

  2. We experience the same thing with Derrick. We do encourage him to sit and take a break sometimes, but he really doesn't listen. His cardiologist assured us that he "won't hurt himself." It's tough to watch, but I think it's part of it...

    Good luck and I'm glad Adam is doing well!

  3. Owain gets out of breath easily. He is scheduled for the fontan coming up in June. He also has asthma, but lately I have noticed that his asthma treatments only help so much and his O2 levels are dropping due to to his growth and that he is getting close to fontan time.