Monday, December 13, 2010

Suggestions Helpful

Hi everyone! Does any one have suggestions on how to get Adam off the pacifier and how to make him sleep in his own bed all night without coming in to mine. Just can't sleep with him no more he is a bed hog and will kick you out if he can. Every time I ask the doctor's they tell me he still needs it is soothes him but he is now 2 years old and needs to come off.


  1. Be consistent. It's sooo hard. We are having sleep issues with our 2 year old. He doesn't want in our bed, but he wants to be soothed! We gate him in his room-that has helped tremendously Instead of up three or four times, it's once. Good luck to you!

  2. Both are tough ones. Like the above commenter said you just have to be consistent. We were able to get rid of the pacifier when Logan bit through his last one in the middle of the night. We were stressing out that it would be a long night and almost made a midnight run to the store. Thankfully he fell asleep and stayed asleep without it. We never bought a new one.

    The sleeping thing. I can't offer you much advice on that one since Logan is just now finally sleeping in his own room. However our older son used to have problems with getting up at night and we just had to keep putting him back to bed. Finally he stopped getting back up once he realized that he would be sent back to bed.