Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally Back

I have been really busy after mother's day. Especially with summer and doctors appointments. I hope all is going well with our little heart friends. I have a question has anyone had this problem with pediasure making the child's front teeth bad. The only reason I asked is because Adam has to get his 4 front teeth pulled they said it was from pediasure. They are not going to put him to sleep they are going to numb his mouth. Poor little guy.


  1. Yes!!!! Mackynlee had 6 teeth pulled and the others capped on October 5th. She did amazingly well. She was put to sleep. That concerns me a bit for him not to be put to sleep.

  2. Is he taking all of his pedisure through the mouth? Ugh, this makes me nervous since Ruthie's main source of nutrition (well her only source) is pedisure through her button. I was wondering what I could do to prevent this issue once we transfer to the mouth. Let me know if your dentist has any suggestions.