Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Blanket

I finally got my camera fixed. A lady made this blanket for him. She does blankets in kind of thing that your child likes. It is for special children that has health problems like a CHD or any other problems. She does it for free in her son's memory since he has all kinds of problems. The website is on my page on the side. I think that it takes someone to raise a special child regardless what is wrong with the child. Now a days the doctors just say to terminate the pregnancy because there is something wrong with the child and his standards that the child may not live. But they are not God and only he knows if the child will live or die. I feel like just because the child has Special need or their bodies are made different does not mean any thing at all. They should be treated like a normal child regardless. I understand that there are certain limitations that they can't do.

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